Google recently announced that it will integrate the web apps deeper in the Android operating system.

The new web app is said to appear in the app drawer with the normally installed application. It’s will be allowed to access the notification center and will offer some notification. Where earlier only the home screen was allowed to keep web app.

What are web apps?
In Simple language, the web app is a software application in a website which is run under a web browser. You don’t need to install this application cause it’s just a web page or web application which can be run on any device having a web browser.


Advantages of Web Apps:

  • No need to install application
  • It is easy to customize
  • Accessible for range of devices
  • accessible anywhere


  • Need internet connection to use
  • Less secured


The Web apps on android use Google Chome to run. To create a web app, you need to visit the desired site and then clicking on “Add to Home Screen” button in the menu.

Google is about to update this Web apps though Chrome beta update from next week. After that, it will soon be available to the public. Web apps will work very well for people who don’t want to install the actual application but use the site, like Facebook or Twitter.




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